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VIP Club

Our VIP club gives you great value for the money.
Some of the exciting offers below.
  • Free Super Wash when you sign up (a $10.00 value)

  • 1/2 price  Tuesdays - You pay 1/2 price for a Super Wash or Heavy Wash on Tuesdays. (automatic)

  • Be the first to know about other specials or discounts.

  • Monthly specials or offers to our VIP club members only.

  • Buy 10 automatic washes, get 1 free of equal value.

Over $110 in washes for $50.

Join Now.

It's as EASY as 1,2,3.

1.  Fill out the email box below. 

         Enter your  email address ONLY

         (leave other fields as is)

         Press SEND.

2. We will send an invoice to your email address for $50.00 from PayPal.

3. After we receive the payment we will send you an email with a                       special VIP Code.    Plus a Free Super Wash code. 

Success! Message received.

VIP Card Rules:

The VIP Card is prepaid membership. We credit the money we receive from you into your account.

VIP Card is not activated until payment is received.

Your new account will contain the full amount received. 

A VIP card code will be sent to your email address. No actual card is sent.After the payment is received we will add the amount to your account. (It may take 1-2 days to reflect in your account)

After a Super Wash or Heavy Wash on a Tuesday, 1/2 the amount of the wash will be added back to your account (Please allow 7-10 days to reflect the new balance).

Club Code is good for all washes including the manual bays at standard prices.

Amount saved is dependent on usage and may vary.

The Free Super Wash Code offer applies upon sign up only, full payment received, and  is good for 30 days and not redeemable.

All charges for washes are initially charged at standard prices.  Discounts and offers will be periodically added back to your account.

No refunds are given after 30 days from VIP card activation.

An Automatic invoice will be sent to your email address when your account balance decreases to less than $15.00 in the amount of $50.00.  

Partial payments received will be added to your account. Some promotional items maybe limited or not offered due to partial payment. 

Balance on account will be removed after 90 days of inactivity on the club card account and the account will be deactivated.

Refunds are subject to a $12.50 handling fee. 

Refunds are by check and are mailed to your physical address. 

Discounts or other offers of the VIP club are not transferable or are not valid with any other offers or discounts.

Buy 10 washes at full price get 1 free offer applies to the automatic bay only and is good for 1 fee car wash of the lessor value of the 10.

All payments are handled through  PayPal.  We do not collect or store credit card information. Any problems with payment will be directed to PayPal.  You do not need to be a PayPal member to pay

We do not share your email address with anyone or any business. Speedy Car Wash will send periodic emails to your email account for promotional or account information.

Rules, discounts or offers subject to change at any time with our without prior notification. Rules are not subject to arbitration or debate.

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